YETI Roadie 20 vs Tundra 35 – Things to Know Before You Buy

YETI is one of the most popular American brands for manufacturing premium outdoor gears and accessories, especially portable coolers. The Roadie 20 and Tundra 35 both are the smallest portable coolers by YETI. Tundra 35 is a little larger than the Roadie 20 and comes at a higher price tag.

However, the size and price differences are not good enough to differentiate them. There are some other factors that needed to be considered in choosing one cooler over others. This is why we come up with this YETI Roadie 20 vs Tundra 35 comparison.

In this detailed comparison on YETI 20 vs 35, we will be focusing on both the similarities and differences between these two coolers. We hope this will help you to identify which one is good for you.

YETI Roadie 20 vs Tundra 35

The Roadie 20 and Tundra 35 both are best-selling coolers on YETI’s store. People who are looking for a small and portable cooler for their regular use, these two models are definitely a good fit for them. Before going to the detailed comparison, let’s check out the basic features of each of these coolers:

Model YETI Roadie 20 YETI Tundra 35
Image YETI Roadie 20 YETI Tundra 35
Dimensions 13 5/8” × 14 1/4” × 19 1/8” 16 1/8” × 15 3/4” × 21 3/8”
Capacity 16 Cans / 20 Pounds Ice 21 Cans / 26 Pounds Ice
Empty Weight 15 lbs 20 lbs
Ice Retention 3-4 days 3-4 days
Available Colors 9 colors 9 colors
Warranty 5-years 5-years
Our Rating 4.8 4.8
Price Check Price Check Price

The Roadie 20 is the smallest portable cooler in YETI’s hard cooler line. This is also the most selling cooler on YETI. It is designed to not only keep your foods and drinks cold but also to withstand any difficult condition. The durable roto-molded construction and extra-thick FatWall design make the cooler one of the great companions on any kind of outdoor trip.

On the other hand, YETI Tundra 35 is a little bit larger than the Roadie 20. It also comes with durable roto-molded construction and 3 inches of thick FatWall design. It is also designed to ensure extreme ice retention and comfort on carrying.

Differences Between Roadie 20 vs Tundra 35

Followings are some of the common differences between the tundra 35 and the roadie 20 cooler:

Size and Capacity

The major difference between the YETI Roadie 20 vs Tundra 35 is the size and capacity. Both of these models are small and made for personal use. The Tundra 35 is a little larger than the Roadie 20 in both dimensions and ice holding capacity.

yeti roadie 20 vs tundra 35

Like most coolers, YETI doesn’t name their cooler appropriately. The roadie 20 doesn’t come with 20-quart capacity and the Tundra 35 is also not a 35-quart cooler.

Roadie 20 measures 8 3/8 × 9 7/8 × 13 inches and can hold up to 16 cans of beer whereas, the Tundra 35 measures 9 3/8 × 10 5/8 × 13 7/8 inches and it can hold up to 21 cans of beer. The capacity on both coolers comes after maintaining the standard 2:1 ice to content ratio.

Dry Goods Basket

yeti dry goods basket

A hard cooler can be used to preserve both foods and drinks. When it comes to preserving your food items into a cooler, you will need a dry goods basket. This type of basket keeps the foods separate from the soggy items.

The Roadie 20 doesn’t come with a dry goods basket. So, you can’t put your dry foods directly into this cooler. And it’s quite impossible to find a basket that is compatible with this smaller size cooler. So, if you want to preserve dry foods into your cooler, The Roadie 20 might not be a good option for you.

Luckily, the Tundra 35 comes with a basket that allows you to preserve your foods inside the cooler.

Carrying Handles

The Roadie 20 comes with an integrated handle which is very convenient to carry the cooler by a single person. The handle is made of heavy-duty stainless steel with a strong grip system. So, you can carry the cooler with extreme comfort even when it is fully loaded.

yeti 20 vs 35 cooler

On the other hand, Tundra 35 doesn’t come with a stainless steel handle. Instead of this, it comes with 2 different carrying options. There are polyester rope handles on each side which provides comfortable carrying by two people. You can still carry this by yourself.

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Similarities on Roadie 20 and Tundra 35

Though there are some differences between the Roadie 20 and tundra 35, there are some common features on each of these cooler.

  • Rotomolded Construction: YETI uses roto-molded construction on both of the Roadie 20 and Tundra 35. This type of construction makes a cooler exceptionally armored and indestructible. So, if you need an extremely heavy-duty cooler, these coolers from YETI can be good to go.
  • Extra-thick Fatwall Design: The extra-thick FatWall design on each of these cooler ensures extreme ice retention capacity.
  • Ice Retention Capacity: YETI coolers are extremely well in holding ice longer. The company uses pressure-injected foam in the walls. The rubber gasket in the lid ensures a very tight seal. Both the Roadie 20 and Tundra 35 can keep ice frozen for more than 3 days.
  • Various Color Options: Both the coolers are available in 9 different coolers. So, there is a color for everyone.

Verdict – Roadie 20 or Tundra 35?

The Roadie 20 and Tundra 35, both are small portable cooler. Both are perfect for personal use. However, if you need more space to preserve more foods and drinks, the Tundra 35 would be a good option for you.

The Tundra 35 comes with a free dry foods basket whereas, Roadie 20 doesn’t come with a basket. So, if you want to preserve dry foods into your cooler, Tundra 35 will be a good option for you.

When it comes to portability, Roadie 20 is better than the Tundra 35. The metal handle of Roadie 20 provides comfort on carrying the cooler by one hand whereas, you cannot carry the Tundra 35 by one hand. So, if portability is your concern, Roadie 20 is perfect for you.

We hope, this YETI Roadie 20 vs Tundra 35 comparison will help you make the right decision.

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