YETI Hopper 20 Review – The Ultimate Soft Sided Cooler of 2018

yeti hopper 20 review

YETI Hopper 20 is made from material source from some pretty unexpected places like survival suits and high-performance whitewater wraps. It is built for land and water and everything in between.

Pros: 100% Leak-proof, hold ice for days, tough-as-nails cooler.

Cons: Expensive, no food storage option, no drain plug.

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YETI Hopper 20 Review
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How do you get the world’s toughest cooler up there or down there? YETI coolers have always been tough enough for your expedition. But there are times when you want to extend your reach into the wild even farther. Now YETI has found a way to be there with you every step of the journey. Check our yeti hopper 20 review and find if it fulfill your needs or not.

Before we get on the review let’s acknowledge one thing – YETI products are very expensive. The Hopper 20 comes with a premium price. If you are looking for quality, durability and have enough budget, you can go for this portable cooler. YETI also made Hopper 30 and Hopper 40. The number at the end just refers to the quantity of ice it can hold.

So, let’s get into YETI Hopper 20 Review:

YETI Hopper 20 Review


The Hopper Series from YETI is specially designed for the persons that obviously wants to bring a cooler with them and their regular cooler isn’t as convenient as harder to bring wherever they’re going. It is a great option for the people looking for an easier solution for transporting their drinks on ice.

The cooler doesn’t really have a good solution for your foods. You can take it with you but sandwiches and stuff like that could end up soggy because there is no separator inside to hold food. So if you want to bring food you may look into Yeti ice as opposed to regular ice. That way it doesn’t melt.

Ice Retention

The ice retention capacity of the Hopper 20 is great. Luckily since it is a YETI product it takes a long time for that ice to melt. I had this thing on the beach with me and outside virtually all day and we still had ice in it for almost 24 hours. And if we kept it just in the shade or inside the house, we could go 48 hours without the ice melting entirely. So it’s an impressive stuff.

Design and Materials

We always give special look on the design and what materials used on making a cooler during our review. On this Yeti hopper 20 review, we got some great things about the materials used on it. Also the design is very eye-catching and fits on any kind of adventures.

YETI has all this fancy talk about the materials they use. For example they use cold cell insulation which is basically just rubber foam. That’s one inch thick on the sides and one and a half inch thick on the bottom. So if you drop it, it won’t break and that’s good insulation.

The inner lining is made of FDA-Approved food grade materials. That’s good and it is mildew and mold resistant which is always nice.

Also the zipper is apparently a hydraulic zipper which just means that it keeps insulation and it won’t leak if it is sealed properly.

YETI then also calls the outside of the hopper the dry hide shell which means that it’s made out of the same materials that you see on whitewater wrap.

So the whole thing is really over engineered as yeti likes to say it’s built to take an absolute beating to never leak or lose its insulation or get puncture. The whole thing is kind of crazy.


The hopper 20 can hold up to 20 pounds of ice which more importantly translates into 18 beers if you use the 2 to 1 ice beer ratio. YETI also made the 30 and the 40. The number at the end just refers to the quantity of ice it can hold.

yeti hopper 20 cooler review

You also do have straps to attach bottle openers and the YETI sidekick which allows you to add extra storage for storing dry items. They sell you a separate accessory instead of adding a bottle opener or storage for your other stuff. I think YETI is too smart in this area. So, in order to store your wallet or cell phone or anything that you don’t want on ice you have to spend more $$ on the sidekick and attach that to the hopper. It secures well and it’s a nice accessory to have. It makes the hopper more expensive and I think most people will get it but it’s technically optional.

Ease of Use

The other thing that is helpful is that YETI added three different ways that you can carry it. You’ve got a shoulder strap which is going to be your go-to. You’ve also got handles on the side and then just regular straps. So it’s convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. You’ve also got hooks and slots to tie it down so that’s always good.


Price is always an important considerable factor before purchasing any product. I already mentioned before that YETI coolers are extremely expensive. The hopper 20 is not an exception. It comes with a very high price tag. But whatever the price is, you will get what you pay for. This is not an ordinary soft sided cooler. Like other YETI coolers, the Hopper 20 is made with all the latest and top quality materials. So, there is no doubt about the durability of this cooler.

Overall Rating

The hopper 20 is made for all kinds of outdoor adventures. The heavy duty construction and longer ice retention makes the cooler a perfect choice for every outdoorsmen. This is the right option for the people who are looking for a heavy duty and long lasting portable personal cooler. In our yeti hopper 20 review we found the only major downside of this cooler is the price. If you get one of the hoppers you’re going to love it but you’re going to hate the price once you have it. Except the high price, everything on the Hopper 20 is great. In addition, YETI is providing three years warranty which is also a very good part. So, if you are looking for the best quality soft cooler and have the budget, you should go for Hopper 20.

YETI Coolers are known for being indestructible and the hopper is no exception. This is the first 100% leak proof portable soft sided cooler that’s built to last for life. Though the price is very high, this can be a great investment for people who uses portable cooler in their everyday life. If this yeti hopper 20 review is not enough for you to decide, feel free to check customer reviews on Amazon. This will help you to get more about this cooler.

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