Pelican coolers comes with highest ice retention capacity and long lasting features. The company is making some fantastic claims on their coolers. We’re also going to review the features. Here in this pelican cooler review we will try to figure out what’s good and bad about pelican coolers.

Coolers are not so cheap. This is very important to know the actual features of a cooler before you purchase. It will help you to know exactly what you are getting for the money. So let’s take a look on whether pelican coolers are worth buying or not.

Pelican has been around for years. They make hard cases catering to the shooting community the military tech industry. They make the best hard cases that money can buy without a doubt. Recently they’ve ventured into the cooler industry with their elite cooler line.

5 Best Pelican Coolers

What’s Good About Pelican Cooler

Let’s check out some of the good side of Pelican Coolers:

Variety of Sizes and Colors

Everybody have their own necessity and choice. You may want a small, medium or large cooler. Color is also a considerable fact. Pelican offers a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.

pelican cooler reviews

You can choose your required cooler from a small variant of 20 quarts to large variant of 250 quarts. Pelican have 20qt, 30qt, 50qt, 70qt, 95qt, 150qt and 250qt coolers available on their store. Additionally, they have some rolling tailgate cooler which is perfect for easy carrying.

Great Ice Retention Capacity

pelican cooler review

The first thing that you will look on a cooler is how long it can hold ice and keep contents cold. Pelican coolers are made for give you the best ice retention capacity in the industry. They proudly exclaims that some of their coolers can hold ice up to 10 days.

Ice retention depends on various things like –¬†amount of contents packed, outside temperature and how you use the cooler. If you pack the cooler perfectly and keep it on a low temperature area you can expect to have a longer ice retention. The amount of time you open the cooler also impacts on the retention time. Considering all these facts, you can expect to have at least 7 days of ice retention from a Pelican cooler.


Purchasing a cooler is a great investment if you can pick the right one. Coolers are not cheap in price and you are not going to purchase this frequently. So, you should always try to pick the durable cooler. Pelican Coolers are made from heavy-duty materials which ensures the durability and long lasting features.

Lifetime Warranty

This is the best thing that you will get from Pelican. All of the pelican coolers comes with lifetime warranty which means that whenever you get anything wrong with your cooler, you can ask for a refund.


There’s no doubt that Pelican makes some really fantastic coolers. But at the same time you have to remember that no cooler is going to be perfect. Followings are some downsides of pelican coolers. Before purchasing a cooler from pelican you should consider these.

Heavy weight

The pelican coolers are heavier than other same size coolers available on market. This is because, pelican used some extra materials to hold ice longer than other coolers. Depending on the size you choose, the weight could be different. If you have the transportation facility or manpower to carry the cooler then this is not a problem.


Another downside that we found on Pelican coolers is its higher price. The quality and performance of pelican coolers are great. But it costs little higher than other popular brands like YETI. However, you will get a lot of your money. Because Pelican Coolers provide the highest ice retention of up to 10 days and lifetime warranty. You will never find this kind of features on other cheap cooler.

Pelican Cooler Review Video

20 Quart30 Quart 50 Quart 75 Quart 95 Quart

Final Words

If you are looking for a premium quality portable cooler that provides the maximum ice retention and long lasting features, the Pelican coolers will undoubtedly be a great addition. It comes with the toughest materials and have the ability to keep your foods and drink items cold for longer period of time than any other competing brand. This robust cooler can be an invaluable companion on any kind of outdoor trip like camping, fishing, hunting, tailgating etc. Pelican coolers comes with lifetime warranty which ensures you the safest investment. You rarely find any cooler having this much warranty. Once you purchase a cooler from pelican, you won’t need to buy another one unless you look for the different size.

So, that’s all for this pelican cooler review. Hope you get something important from this review. If you have any experience of using Pelican cooler feel free to share with us.

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