ORCA Cooler Review – A Lifetime Cooler for Every Outdoorsman

ORCA, the Outdoor Recreation Company of America prides itself as one of the top-rated manufacturers of coolers and other outdoor accessories in America. They have produces several coolers that already achieved top-most popularity on market. So, we’ve decided to write orca cooler review so that you can know what is good and bad about orca coolers and are they really worth the money or not.

Coolers are not so cheap in price and purchasing a cooler is a big investment. Every outdoor enthusiast knows the importance of cooler during any trip. You just need a cooler that is tough and rugged and created to be thrown, kicked, dropped, beaten, drowned in water, or even pursued by wild animals like bears. Most importantly you need a cooler that provides durability, maximum ice retention and great value of money. In our opinion, ORCA coolers are great in quality, durability, ice retention and give a great value of money. Before taking your decision, read our orca cooler review and check if this cooler can fulfill your needs or not.

ORCA Cooler Review

A cooler is treated as good when it comes with the features of longer insulation, durability, portability, ease of use, warranty etc. Since the foundation, ORCA has created six different sizes of roto-molded coolers in several colors. They are working to grow and expand their product line every day. During this orca cooler review, we tried to focus on these features. Here’s what we get:


ORCA is the acronym for Outdoor Recreation Company of America. It is an American company founded by Cliff Walker. The main purpose of this company is to offer premium outdoor products to the hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts at a competitive price. All of their products are manufactured in Nashville, America.

ORCA is creating products in the United States in order to utilize American labor and American-made components since the beginning. Though the company manufactures a wide range of products, the cooler was the very first product they made and it still the top-selling product of the company.

Along with coolers, ORCA also manufactures and sells a wide range of products that are helpful for the outdoorsmen. The goal of this company is to provide their customers with a high level of satisfaction.

ORCA cooler video overview:

Ice Retention

There are mainly two reasons why people spend hundreds of dollars on a cooler. One is ice retention and another is durability. Here ice retention is always the main priority. You will always want longer ice retention because it will help you to stay longer on your trip.

ORCA has successfully achieved a great score in insulation test. It was able to maintain the FDA recommended temperature threshold of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. ORCA cooler can hold ice for more than 7 days which is better than their competitors. You can keep your foods and beverages fresh for one week.

ORCA cooler ice retention test:

Note: Retaining ice for 7 days is really great. But if you want more ice retention capacity you can go for Pelican coolers as these can hold ice for 10 days.


Durability is the second important thing that you should look for before buying any cooler. As coolers are not so cheap and you will not buy them frequently, you should pick the cooler that is durable. The material used in a cooler defines how durable it is. Most of the premium cooler comes with the best quality materials. ORCA coolers are one of them.

ORCA coolers are made from heavy-duty materials. The company uses all the premium materials on the construction of this cooler. There’s pin style hinge which makes the cooler look like it can handle loads of abuse. Therefore, the solid lid and thick latches make the cooler more strong and durable. You will hardly find any durability issue of ORCA cooler.


Portability means the flexibility of a cooler. We focused on the portability on this ORCA cooler review as it is a very important part that we should consider. ORCA coolers are very flexible and easy to handle. The design and size of this cooler make it portable.

There are several movable handles which are very comfortable and provides outstanding handling. The coolers are very to carry even it is full of items.

There are several sizes of coolers available ranging from small to large. Each of the sizes is made for different purposes. Small coolers are always very easy to carry when large coolers are not. But, ORCA designed their coolers very efficiently. You can easily carry large size coolers on anywhere.

They have included flexible handles and placed them on the perfect area so that the weight of the cooler remain same and anyone can carry this.

Lifetime Warranty

Purchasing a cooler from ORCA is a lifetime investment because you will get a lifetime warranty. Very few cooler brand offers this type of warranty.

ORCA pride themselves as a premium cooler maker and they are very much confident about their products. So, they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their coolers.

According to their warranty policy, you will get either repair or replacement of your cooler if it became defective under the terms of the warranty. You have to prove your purchase to obtain the warranty service. Once it approved, you will be charged 20% restocking fee for return and you will be responsible for the shipment of the product back to ORCA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are ORCA coolers made?

ORCA Coolers are 100 percent American made. The company is based in Nashville, TN. All of their coolers are made in Tennessee.

Q. Where to buy ORCA Coolers?

You can buy ORCA coolers from Amazon, their official website or any local dealers. But it’s very hard to find a local dealer. You can get a special discount and free shipping on Amazon. Check out the ORCA coolers on Amazon.

Q. Are ORCA coolers bear proof?

Yes, it is. It has holes for lock and a gasket around the lid which will keep the swells inside.

Q. What is the warranty on ORCA Coolers?

All ORCA cooler comes with a lifetime warranty. You will get the warranty whether you purchase it from Amazon or any local dealer.

Q. Does ORCA Cooler have Wheel?

No. There’s no wheel on any ORCA cooler.

The Bottom Line

ORCA is a premium brand of coolers. If you are looking for durability and good ice retention, ORCA is undoubtedly a great option for you. Therefore, they are giving a lifetime warranty which ensures safe investment.