Lifetime Cooler Review – 55 Quart Cooler With a Variety of Options

When expensive brands like YETI is occupying the market, some smaller brands are doing really great and Lifetime cooler is a perfect example of this. This is not actually a cooler brand. They only manufactures 55 quart high performance cooler which can be a great option for people who are looking for high performance but inexpensive cooler. Here’s our lifetime cooler review to show you what is good and bad about this cooler.

Lifetime Cooler Review

Lifetime cooler is designed for almost all kinds of outdoor trip. If you are searching for an inexpensive cooler with impressive ice retention and good quality construction, this cooler will be the perfect option for you. The cooler comes with exactly what an avid camper needs in their regular adventure trip. There’s a lot more things that you may like about this cooler. So, check the following review before you buy.


This is a medium sized cooler with 55 quart capacity. So, if anyone looking for small personal cooler or even giant cooler, this one is not for them. Here’s the full specification of this cooler:

Cooler Size: 55 Quart
Construction: Heavy-Duty Polyethylene
Outside Dimensions: 17.25 x 26.80 x 17.62
Ice Retention: 3-4 days
Color Options: Grey
Warranty: 5 Years

lifetime cooler review

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Ice Retention Capacity

This cooler can hold ice for 4-5 days in full hot weather though the company claims to have 7 days ice retention capacity. Although this is not so impressive, it is good enough for most people. Therefore, ice retention depends on how you pack your cooler and how you use it. You can always increase the ice retention time by following some tips. We have detailed article on how to pack a cooler perfectly. You should check this.


Lifetime cooler is durable enough to carry anywhere you want. The cooler is constructed with Heavy-Duty Polyethylene materials. The insulated lid and body provides strength, protection and good insulation to keep your things cold for days.


For easy carrying, the cooler comes with two carrying option. You can carry this cooler by the traditional handle or strong rubber handle. The cooler is cleverly engineered to prevent sliding around. There are rubber pads on the feet which always prevents sliding when you place the cooler on flat on the floor. In addition, there are two rubber latches which ensures the lid is secure and give you easy opening with one hand.

Additional Features

There are some additional features that you should check.

  • This is an IGBE certified bear resistant cooler. There’s a padlock system which will help you to keep your thinks safe from bear.
  • The cooler comes with an easy-to-drain plug which help you clean the cooler easily and quickly.
  • There’s a stainless steel bottle opener on the top of this cooler.

Unfortunately this cooler doesn’t come with dry food basket.


Luckily this cooler comes with a 5 year limited warranty which is really a great thing. You have to register your cooler on the company’s website after purchase to enjoy this warranty. Additionally, the company is offering lifetime customer service for the coolers. And their customer service is excellent.


This is probably the best part of this cooler. You must love the price of lifetime cooler. When premium coolers are offering good quality and features, Lifetime cooler is offering almost the same quality and features at the lowest price. If you are searching an inexpensive but good quality cooler, you should stop here. The Lifetime cooler is about $100 cheaper than any other similar size cooler. With an impressive 5 year warranty, this cooler really worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Lifetime Coolers are made?

A. Lifetime coolers are made in USA.

Q. Where to buy lifetime cooler?

A. You can purchase lifetime cooler directly from their website or from Amazon.

Q. Is there any Wheels on this cooler?

A. No, there’s no wheel on this cooler.

Overall Rating

In our test, Lifetime cooler is a great option for people who are searching good quality inexpensive coolers. The features and overall performance of this cooler is great, especially considering the price. If you need more information, feel free to check Lifetime cooler review on Amazon.

Lifetime Cooler Review
  • Ice Retention
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Value


Lifetime cooler is the best option if you looking for a high quality inexpensive cooler. This is a medium size cooler which you can use on any kind of outdoor trip.

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