Elkton Fishing & Hunting Cooler Review (50 & 75 Quart)

Elkton Cooler Review
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Elkton coolers are specially designed for fisherman and hunters who need a heavy duty cooler on their regular fishing and hunting trip. There’s a lot of additional features on these coolers that are helpful for fishing and hunting. These can be a great option for fishing and hunting cooler.

Are you looking for a heavy duty cooler for your upcoming fishing or hunting trip? There’s a lot of brands available on the market who made various types of coolers. ElktonOutdoors manufactures various types of fishing and hunting gears.

They recently launched two different sizes of coolers in their product line. These coolers are specially made for fishing and hunting purpose. Today we are going to figure out the exact features and quality of these coolers.

So, check our Elkton cooler review before you buy.

Elkton Cooler Review

Elkton coolers are a new addition to the market. The company manufactures coolers for fishing and hunting trip. If you are searching heavy duty coolers especially for fishing or hunting purpose, these coolers can be a good alternative to you.

Here in BestCoolersInfo, we reviewed a lot of cooler brands in our review section. We usually review coolers by observing some special qualities like – ice retention capacity, durability, portability, price, and some other features. Since Elkton coolers are new to the market, we tried to figure out the exact features so that you can identify what’s good and bad about these coolers.


ElktonOutdoors is a brand of fishing and hunting gears. So, the coolers they manufactured are specially designed for this two particular purpose. You can use them on any outdoor trip but these coolers are best for hunting and fishing. If you are searching a cooler for general use you better go for other brands.

The company manufactured only two different sizes of the cooler – 50 quarts and 75 quarts. Each of the coolers comes with exactly 50 and 75-quart capacity. So, these are not small cooler at all. If you need a cooler for personal use or small family trip then these coolers are not for you.

Here’s some basic information about Elkton coolers:


Ice Retention

This is the first thing we always consider when reviewing any cooler. Elkton coolers are made for fishing and hunting trip. As you know that, these kinds of the trip takes several days for many people. So, the cooler you are going to carry with must have a good ice retention capacity so that you can enjoy the whole trip with your favorite foods and drinks.

The manufacturer claims that their cooler can hold ice for up to 5 days (both 50 and 75 quarts). We tried to figure out the actual insulation capacity of these coolers. The cooler comes with extra wide freezer gasket and sturdy rubber latches which makes an airtight seal around the cooler. Most of the people using these coolers have claimed that these can hold ice for 3-4 days. This is not so much insulation but good for any fishing and hunting trip to keep your things cold.


How long a cooler will last mostly depends on what materials are used on making these. Elkton coolers are made from top quality rotomolded injected plastic. This kind of construction makes the cooler incredibly durable. The single piece design also makes these cooler indestructible. So, you can expect longer durability from these coolers.


Elkton coolers are medium sized cooler. Normally the cooler is not so heavy. But once you pack your foods, drinks, and ice into it, it becomes heavier.

Since the coolers are not small, you need a strong and convenient handle to carry it. The 75-quart cooler is very convenient and easy to carry. It comes with easy grab low profile handles.

The 50-quart cooler doesn’t have a suitable handle. It has only recessed finger holds which is not convenient at all when the cooler becomes very heavy.


As a part of this Elkton cooler review, we tried to find out the additional features of these coolers. Here’s what we get during our test:

  • The cooler contains an extra-large draining plug which is very useful for easy and quick cleaning.
  • There are non-slip rubber feet which makes this cooler ideal for any outdoor trip.
  • There is a fish ruler on the top which is also effective for a fishing trip.
  • A dry food basket is also included on the 70-quart cooler. But the 50 quart doesn’t come with a basket.
  • Both the 50 and 70-quart cooler includes a bottle opener and the 70-quart cooler includes a rod holder.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer provides only a 1-year limited warranty. This is very short where most of the brand is offering 3-10 years of warranty. Anyway, the company is providing 30-day return policy on any unused resalable coolers which are really great.


The price of these coolers is very reasonable. The features and ice retention capacity of Elkton coolers are really great and these can easily compete for the top brands.

Overall Rating

Elkton coolers are designed for avid fisherman and hunters who need a heavy duty cooler for their regular trip. These cooler come with a lot of essential features that every fisherman and hunter needs during their trip. Though the ice retention capacity is not so good, these cooler can be a great option for several day trips. For real customer, opinion check Elkton cooler review on Amazon.

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