Lifetime Coolers on Sale

Lifetime has been in business for a long time. They recently joined to the cooler industry with their high-performance cooler series. People who are looking for a good-performing cooler at the cheap price range, Lifetime can be a good option for them.

Currently, Lifetime is manufacturing 4 different sizes of coolers ranging from 28 quarts to 77 quarts. Though those coolers are very reasonable and cheap, you can still find Lifetime coolers for sale at a discounted price and save your money.

Lifetime Coolers for Sale

Lifetime 28 Quart Cooler for Sale

lifetime 28 quart cooler for sale

This is the smallest portable cooler from Lifetime. It comes with the exact 28-quart internal volume. The body is made of Polyethylene materials and Lifetime uses stainless-steel handle for carrying. Since it is a small cooler, the handle is perfect for carrying it by a single person. Once you pack the cooler perfectly with maintaining proper ice-content ratio, you will be able to get up to 5 days of insulation from this small cooler. The best part about this cooler is the lid and the seal. The lid is very tough to stand and sit and the tight seal makes the cooler almost 100% leakproof. Unfortunately, there is no drain plug in this cooler. Since it is a small cooler, you will bearly face any difficulties in cleaning this cooler. Overall, it is a great cooler for personal use.

Lifetime 55 Quart Cooler for Sale

lifetime 55 quart cooler for sale

The Lifetime 55-quart cooler is a perfect medium-sized cooler for small families. You can preserve a lot of items for multiple-day trips. Unlike the previous one, this cooler can hold ice a little longer. You can expect to have 4-7 days of insulation from the 55-quart lifetime cooler. The construction materials are the same as the previous cooler. There are nylon rope handles on each side of the cooler for easy carrying. It includes a stainless steel bottle opener which is very useful for outdoor trips.

Lifetime 77 Quart Cooler for Sale

lifetime 77 quart cooler for sale

This is currently the largest cooler on Lifetime’s store. The 77-quart cooler comes with plenty of space for preserving a lot of items. Other than the size and capacity, this cooler comes with the same features as the 55-quart cooler. There are nylon rope handles, built-in bottle opener, easy-to-drain spout, and many more features. People who are looking for a budget cooler for long outdoor trips, this can be a perfect option for them.

Concluding Lifetime Coolers for Sale

Lifetime coolers are good performing and cheapest alternative to the premium coolers like YETI. The noticeable downsides of Lifetime cooler are the limited size, design and color options. There are only 4 models available to choose from and you will not find any color variations on these coolers.

However, these coolers are great for any kind of outdoor trip. If you are having a tight budget but still looking for a good performing cooler for your upcoming outdoor trip, investing in Lifetime cooler will be a good value of your money. We already listed the places where you will find Lifetime coolers for sale at a discounted price. We, hope you will find your required model at the best price.

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