How to Keep Ice Longer in a Cooler?

While shopping for a cooler, we look at a bunch of features like – construction quality, design of the cooler, portability, carrying options, available colors, and so on. But most important among all of these features is the ice retention capacity. This is everything when you go on an outdoor trip for a while.

Ice retention simply means how long a cooler can keep ice frozen. The main reason for buying a cooler is to keep things cold for a longer time during an outdoor trip. Here in BestCoolersInfo, we reviewed a lot of coolers to help you find the best performing cooler for your regular camping trip.

Modern coolers have included some specialized features that maximize ice life. These features include – good insulation, proper sealing gaskets, extra-thick walls, and more. You will get some extra benefit on using these cooler but still, there’s something that you can do to maximize the ice retention time.

This post will highlight some of our favorite ways keep ice longer in a cooler. You need to follow some tips before packing a cooler, during packing and camping trip. These will help you get better insulation even if you are using a non-brand cooler.

So, let’s get started.

Before Packing a Cooler

You probably bought a cooler with great ice retention capacity. But, it doesn’t always mean your cooler will perform to its maximum potential. You need to take care of it and apply some tricks to get the maximum potential.

Followings are some necessary tips that you need to check before packing the cooler:

Pre-cool the Cooler

Pre-cooling the cooler means getting the cooler to a cold temperature before packing it. It may sound a bit wired, but it is the only way to ensure all your ice is used to cool your foods and drinks not the cooler itself. If you pack ice on a warm cooler, a part of ice will be consumed in cooling the cooler itself.

You can pre-cool your cooler by several methods.

The simplest way is to put the cooler inside a refrigerator a night before camping.

Another popular way of pre-cooling a cooler is to fill it with ice. You can put ice on the cooler to cool it before night. Using ice will bring the cooler down to a lower temperature. Just empty the melted ice before packing the fresh ice into it.

Pre-cooling a cooler before long-distance trips are very important. It helps to get better ice retention.

Pre-cool Foods and Drinks

Like the cooler, make sure you pre-cool the items that you are going to pack on it. Pre-cooling foods and drinks avoid melting ice initially when packing the cooler. The best way to pre-cool your foods and drinks is to put them into the refrigerator 24 hours before packing it. This will make sure that no additional ice is consumed to cool the foods and drinks. So, you will get longer ice retention.

Use Dry Ice Pack

Always try to use ice packs for packing a cooler. You probably know that ice packs are used in a soft-sided cooler. But, these are great for hard coolers as well.

Since ice packs are made of special chemicals, these are colder than regular ice and are capable of staying colder longer than regular ice.

You should only use dry ice on a dry ice compatible cooler.

During Packing

Once you’ve pre-chilled your cooler, make your foods and drinks cold, and collect dry ice pack, you are ready to go for packing the cooler. Proper packing helps to keep ice longer in a cooler.

During packing a cooler, you need to follow the following steps to getting better ice retention:

Maintain Ice to Content Ratio

Maintaining proper ice to content ratio makes sure your foods remain cold for a longer time inside the cooler. You should always put more ice into the cooler than foods and drinks.

The standard ice to content ratio is 2:1 which means that the ice should be twice the foods and drinks. Most of the cooler brand suggests keeping this ice to content ratio. If you use more ice than the foods and drinks you will surely get better ice retention from your cooler.

Layer Ice between the Contents

Make sure you put the ice in a layer between the foods and drinks. Making layers of ice ensures all the elements getting an equal amount of ice. You can make the layer in the following ways:

  • Put ice in first at the bottom of the cooler. This is the first layer.
  • Put the drinks bottle after the first layer.
  • Add more ice on the bottle and create the second layer.
  • Put your foods on the second layer.
  • Fill the cooler with more ice. This is the third layer.

Fill any Empty Space inside the Cooler

When packing foods and drinks along with dry icepacks, it’s possible to remain any space inside the cooler. You have to make sure there’s no space inside the cooler. Space holds air and this air help melting the ice faster. So, make sure you packed each inch of the cooler. You can use more ice packs to fill the cooler perfectly.

During Camping

So, you packed your cooler in the right way. But, still, there’s something that can melt your ice faster and ruin your camping trip. You should do the following things during camping to keep ice longer in a cooler:

Reduce the Frequency of Opening the Cooler

The frequency of opening up the cooler to access items has a big effect on the ice retention time. You will open the cooler to get your foods and drinks. But, always remember to reduce the frequency of opening the cooler.

The more you open the cooler the less ice retention you will get from it. Because, every time you open the cooler, warm outside air goes into the cooler and results in melting the ice faster.

Keep the Cooler away from Direct Sunlight

This is another big issue that makes a huge difference in ice retention time. You should always keep the cooler away from direct sunlight. Keep the cooler is a shaded area. Always try to cool down the cooler itself rather than the contents inside it.

Final Words

These are just a few tips on maximizing ice retention time on a cooler. There are so many ways to keep ice longer in a cooler. The best way is to invest in a premium cooler that comes with advanced cooling technology. In addition to this, you should follow the above-listed tips to ensure the best performance of your cooler.

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