The Best 400 Quart Cooler on the Market

When it comes to preserving foods and drinks for long adventure trips, you are going to need an extra-large cooler. If you are planning to go camping with a large group, you may also require a large cooler. Among a wide variety of coolers, a 400-quart cooler is one of the perfect options for long outdoor trips and large gatherings.

This article includes a collection of the best 400 quart coolers that you can consider buying for your upcoming outdoor trip.

Grizzly 400 Quart Cooler

best 400 quart cooler

Finding an extra-large sized cooler on the market is quite difficult because only a few brands manufacture this type of cooler. This Grizzly 400 quart cooler is wide and deep enough to hold up to 504 cans along with 60lbs of ice.

Key Features

  • Specifications: The exterior dimensions of this cooler are 54 1/2 inches wide x 30 3/4 inches deep x 32 inches height. It comes with 400-quart capacity and the empty weight is 91 pounds.
  • Rotomolded Construction: This cooler is made of rotatable molded LLDPE plastic. It designed to achieve equal thickness on each side for optimal durability.
  • Great Insulation: The cooler is pressure injected with 2-inches of polyurethane foam. In addition, it includes a silicone rubber gasket which ensures a very tight seal to reduce the airflow inside the cooler. It is dry ice compatible. So, you get great ice retention time during the trip.
  • Bearproof Cooler: This is an IGBC Certified bear-resistant cooler. There are two lock holes for locking the cooler and keeping the items safe.
  • Quick Draining: The 2-inch drain hole allows you to quickly drain the cooler.
  • Lifetime Warranty: This is the best thing about this cooler. Grizzly is offering a lifetime warranty for this cooler. So, this will be the safest investment for you.
  • Available Colors: Currently available in 2 colors – White and Tan.

Overall, this extra-large American made cooler is one of the perfect options for large gatherings. This is one of the best 400 quart coolers on the market.


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