Cooler Sizes

Coolers are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small 10 quarts to giant 400-quart capacity. Some coolers are made for personal use, some made for a small family trip, and some made for picnic or large gatherings.

Based on your reWhen shopping for a cooler, it;s very important to pick the right size. With a small cooler, you cannot take a lot of food and drinks for your family. At the same time, a large cooler may become a burden for individuals in a small family trip.

In this article, I have categorized different sizes of coolers so that you can easily find the right size for your needs.

Different Sizes of Coolers

Small Coolers

The coolers ranging from 10 to 30 quart capacity are usually called small coolers. These are also known as personal coolers. Due to the compact design and convenience of carrying, these coolers are one of the best choices for regular use. Followings are our top three small coolers:

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Medium-Sized Coolers

Medium coolers are perfect for small families and mid-size gatherings. The cooler sizes ranging from 40 to 75 quart are usually known as medium-sized coolers. Followings are our top three medium coolers:

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SmallPersonal cooler ranging from 10 to 30 quart capacity.Best Small Coolers
MediumAccommodate a good amount of items for any family trips or mid-sized gathering.Best Medium-Sized coolers
LargeBest Large Coolers
GiantBest Giant Coolers
10 QuartHolds very few items. Best for personal use.Best 10 QT Coolers
16 QuartBest 16 QT Coolers
20 QuartBest 20 QT Coolers
25 QuartBest 25 QT Coolers
26 QuartUsually holds 20-40 cans along with a lot of ice.Best 26 QT Coolers
28 QuartBest 28 QT Coolers
30 QuartBest 30 QT Coolers
40 QuartBest 40 QT Coolers
45 QuartBest 45 QT Coolers
48 QuartBest 48 QT Coolers
50 QuartBest 50 QT Coolers
60 QuartBest 60 QT Coolers
65 QuartBest 65 QT Coolers
70 QuartBest 70 QT Coolers
75 QuartBest 75 QT Coolers
80 QuartBest 80 QT Coolers
100 QuartBest 100 QT Coolers
110 QuartBest 110 QT Coolers
120 QuartBest 120 QT Coolers
150 QuartBest 150 QT Coolers
400 QuartHold more than 500 cans. Best for large family gatherings.Best 400 QT Coolers


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