12 Best Echogear Tv Mounts for 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guides

Finding the best echogear tv mounts that has all the required features can be a daunting task with so many options available on the market today. There are tons of brands offering various types of echogear tv mounts at different price. That’s why we’ve researched and come up with this selection of some of the best-selling echogear tv mounts that you can consider buying for your needs.

Top Picks

In the following section, we have compiled a comprehensive list of top-rated echogear tv mounts, complete with their essential features and specifications. This will allow you to easily compare and contrast the options to make an informed decision on the best echogear tv mounts for your unique needs.

Best Echogear Tv Mounts Recommended by Experts

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ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount for Large TVs Up to 90" - Full Motion with Smooth Swivel, Tilt, & Extension -...
  • Designed to accommodate almost any VESA pattern, this mount is compatible with all major TV brands including LG, Sony, Vizio, and Samsung.
  • Use the included drilling template & extensive hardware pack to get your TV on the wall in under 30 minutes. That'll give you plenty of time to catch up on House Of The Dragon before hitting the sack.
  • We never skip leg day. Our heavy-gauge steel supports TVs up to 90" or 125 lbs. 75" Samsung? No problem. 85" Vizio? Easy money.
  • Pull your TV out 22" away from the wall and point it anywhere in the room with 130º of smooth swivel. Retracts back 2.4" from the wall for the real slim shady look.
  • ECHOGEAR cares about the planet. We're planting a tree for every EGLF2 TV mount sold. Hit a snag with install? Our Minnesota-based product nerds are available 7 days a week to help out.
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ECHOGEAR Swivel Full Motion TV Wall Mount for TVs Up to 60" - Smooth Extention, Tilt - Wall Template...
  • This mount's single-stud design means you can place it almost anywhere on the wall. Plus, less drilling comes in clutch when your drill hasn't been charged in 2 years.
  • It's time to get a little handsy. Tilt and level your TV to the ideal spot without tools. Smoothly articulates and adjusts on demand.
  • Fits almost any TV up to 60" thanks to the simplified brackets and included hardware pack. Works with Samsung, TCL, Vizio, and more.
  • Wrangle up those dangling cords with the through-arm cable management and cable clips. Take it to the next level by adding on an Echogear in-wall cable management system.
  • You can finally drill with confidence. Slap the drilling template on the wall to ensure a level finish. You'll have this bad boy mounted in under 30 minutes.
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ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for TVs Up to 82" - Smooth Extension,...
  • Get your TV on the wall and ready for movie night. This smooth full motion mount works with screens up to 82" and is certified for safety.
  • Installs in less than 20 minutes. Nope, that’s not an exaggeration. We even threw in a paper wall template for worry-free drilling. You can even level, center on the wall, and hide cables after...
  • Works with what you've got. Expanded hardware pack ensures compatibility with Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and more.
  • Extends 19" from the wall so you can swivel the screen to watch from anywhere in the room. Perfect the view with the upgraded tilt mechanism.
  • Hit a snag with install? Our Minnesota-based product nerds are available 7 days a week to help out.
ECHOGEAR Wall Mount TV Bracket for TVs Up to 90" - Low Profile Design Tilts to Eliminate Glare -...
  • Mount your TV with this low profile tilting mount loaded with extras. It works for screens up to 90", sits only 2.4" off the wall, and is certified for safety.
  • Includes a drilling template to help you get it right the first time. Know exactly where to drill, and get your TV on the wall for a Instagram worthy look.
  • Works with what you've got. That means your LG, Vizio, Samsung, Sony, and more will be on the wall in no time. Includes all the hardware you'll need to ensure a fit.
  • Extra-wide wall plate spans more than 24" to fit any stud spacing. Center your TV after install by sliding the bracket letft or right for the perfect view.
  • Level anytime - even after installation! Hey, we believe in second chances. Pull strings let you remove the TV & safely lock back in with a satisfying click.
ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Mount with Adjustment Handles - Smooth Full Motion Without Touching Your TV...
  • There's only one TV mount in the world with integrated adjustment handles, and you're looking at it. The patent pending handles assist with lifting the TV, and enable touch-free TV adjustments after...
  • This next-gen wall mount works with almost any TV up to 90", and is the perfect OLED TV companion. OLED screens are extremely fragile and hard to clean, so you want to avoid touching them. Use the...
  • Mounting a TV over 70" can be tough. We streamlined the install process with that in mind. Start with the pre-assembled TV interface, add in the drilling template, and top it off with a helpful (and...
  • Customize the TV mount to fit your unique setup. The TV interface quickly adapts to fit almost any TV without blocking your cable ports. Plus, you can center and level your mount even after install....
  • Finish the job with the built-in cable management covers for a clean look. Hiding wires behind the wall? The wide wall plate fits almost any in-wall cable management option out there. Take a peak at...
ECHOGEAR No Drill TV Drywall Mount - Slim No Stud Design Holds TVs Up to 100lbs with Nails - Easy...
  • No drilling. No, really: This mount installs directly to drywall - no studs necessary. 32 tiny-but-mighty nails work as a team to hold up to 100 pounds safely for TVs up to 77".
  • With your TV sitting only 1.18" from the wall, this mount's super slim, low profile design makes it all but invisible. Plus, the bottom of the screen rests against the wall for glare-killing tilt.
  • Don't need the screen tilt? We included magnetic standoffs to prop up the TV for a flush finish. Bonus: It'll also give you additional room to access cables & prevent wall scratches.
  • Get it straight: Built-in bubble level means you'll get your installation jussssst right the first time. After you're done, lock it in place with the oddly satisfying safety button.
  • Thanks to its universal design, this mount fits so many TVs, we might as well call it "Mr. Worldwide." Turns out, that nickname's taken, so we'll call it "Mr. Mount Compatible with VESA patterns 75mm...
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ECHOGEAR Corner TV Wall Mount For TVs Up To 65" - Easy To Install Single Stud Design For Maximum...
  • This full-motion mount's unique, single-stud design means you only need to find ONE stud to enjoy ALL the awesome features associated with corner-mounting your TV. Why drill twice if you can drill...
  • This beastly TV bracket smoothly extends nearly 2 feet away from the wall so it can sit at a perfect 45-degree angle… even when it's mounted in the corner of a room.
  • With 90-degrees of flat screen swivel, this mount might be 8 degrees short of a Nick Lachey cameo, but with that sort of placement flexibility, you won't even notice the sting from not catching that...
  • Our TV brackets are simpler than the other guy's. Over 50% less parts taking 50% less time to play puzzle master on the back of your flat-screen TV. AND, we include a smorgesboard of genuine...
  • Cable-concealing covers included for a clean installation that looks like a pro did it. (A pro with a pretty spectacular magic, "make-these-cables-disappear" act. Minus the rabbit and the doofy hat,...
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ECHOGEAR Soundbar Monting Bracket For Under TV - Adjustable Height & Depth for Max Compatibility...
  • With the ECHOGEAR soundbar TV mount you'll be mounting your soundbar directly to the TV, allowing the sound to move with your wall mounted screen for an upgraded, movie-like viewing experience. Time...
  • Universal design, this mount works with rear and bottom mounted soundbars up to 15lbs, so your Samsung, Vizio, LG, and Bose soundbar are all compatible! It can be installed on TVs with rounded or flat...
  • Everything is included with this TV soundbar mount kit, including high-quality hardware, meaning no last minute trips to Home Depot! Plus, the install is a breeze thanks to our DIY-friendly...
  • Rockin' a Dolby Atmos soundbar? This bracket is depth adjustable so your TV won't block ceiling-deflected sound. Fire up Bad Boys For Life and hear Trigger Mike Lowry in all his glory.
  • Set up your sound bar exactly the way you want it. Change speaker height on demand without tools. Using a heavy speaker? Bust out the included hex key to customize tension even more.
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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount for Up to 86" TVs - Maximum Tilt Range On Large TVs - Great for...
  • Get the maximum amount of tilt no matter how big your TV is. Tilt 12º to eliminate screen glare on any TV up to 86". Slick gunmetal silver finish will get you hyped whenever you look behind your TV.
  • Mount extension means easy cable access. As a bonus, it swivels 10º left and right, name another tilt mount that can do that.
  • Mounting above the fireplace? You're fancy. You're also in luck: This mount's extendable design is perfect for getting the best viewing angle when mounting above the mantel.
  • LG TV? TCL? Vizio? Samsung? Not a problem. Our included hardware kit provides a wide assortment of spacers & screws to accommodate any brand of television up to 86”.
  • Includes a ton of premium features like a wall drilling template, horizontal shift for centering, and post-install leveling to get the perfect finish. The simple 3-step install process is DIY project...
SaleRANK 10
ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount for TVs Up to 80" - Holds Your TV Only 1.25" from The Wall...
  • Use this low-profile bracket to mount your 32"-80" TV to the wall. Your TV will be held a razor-thin 1.25" from the wall after it's mounted.
  • With a plethora of hardware, minimum assembly, and a blazing fast install, you'll have your TV on the wall in under 30 minutes.
  • Is there anything we didn't think of? Click lock security system makes a satisfying 'click' when your TV is securely on the wall. Quick-release pull strings release the TV so you can easily access the...
  • Wide wall plate design works with both 16" & 24" wood studs. This mount also can be installed on poured concrete & concrete block walls.
  • Compatible with all major TV brands including TCL, Samsung, LG, Vizio, and more. At Echogear, we've got TV mount experts ready to help 7 days a week.
SaleRANK 11
ECHOGEAR Universal Large TV Stand - Height Adjustable Base for TVs Up to 77" - Wobble-Free...
  • Ready to upgrade your TV stand to something a little more stable? This universal stand works with TVs up to 77" and can support 100lbs.
  • Place your big TV where you want it. This stand is a great option if you need to fit a big TV on narrow furniture or in the corner. It's UL listed and ready to safely hold your screen.
  • Height adjustable up to 8.5" to fit your big TV and a soundbar. We even threw in some rubber pads to prevent vibration & give you better sound.
  • Speaking of pads, the heavy duty TV stand includes grippy rubber pads on the bottom. That'll keep your TV in place and your furniture scratch free.
  • You bring the screwdriver, we'll cover the rest. We've included all the hardware you'll need to attach these bad boys to your TV.
SaleRANK 12
ECHOGEAR TV Swivel Stand - Universal Replacement Stand for TVs Up to 65"- Height Adjustable Up to 8"...
  • Universal design means this super stable stand can hold almost any TV – even the big guys! (And by big, we mean up to 65”.)
  • No drilling = no holes! This stand is the perfect alternative to wall-mounting, providing easy swivel and up to 8” of height adjustment.
  • We put a cord-hiding, cable management channel into the column of this stand. Because yes, we thought of everything. (You can thank us later.)
  • Our stand assembles in less than 15 minutes and fits almost every TV up to 65". Compatbile with TV VESA patterns 75x75 - 600x400.
  • This stand won’t ruin the look of your setup. Large, black sturdy base is rounded and blends into décor. Kinda’ like camouflage but you know… not. Works with all major TV brands including...

So, these are the top echogear tv mounts trending on the market today. To make your choice easier we’ve prepared a comprehensive buying guide below:

Guide to Choose the Best Echogear Tv Mounts

Since there are so many echogear tv mounts available to choose from, it’s quite difficult for both new and experienced buyers to choose the best one. Here, we are going to discuss some factors that you should consider in order to choose the best echogear tv mounts from the market.

Consider the Quality

Consideration of the quality of echogear tv mounts is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, echogear tv mounts that are of high quality are generally more durable and long-lasting, which can save money in the long run. Additionally, high-quality echogear tv mounts often performs better and are more reliable than lower-quality alternatives. So, you should consider investing in high-quality echogear tv mounts to get the best value for your money.


Performance is important when buying echogear tv mounts because it determines how well the product will function and meet the user’s needs. The echogear tv mounts with good performance will typically be more reliable and efficient, and will be able to perform its intended tasks more effectively than a product with poor performance. Additionally, echogear tv mounts with good performance tend to have a longer lifespan, which can ultimately save your money in the long run.

Additional Features

Consideration of features when buying echogear tv mounts is important because it allows you to make an informed decision about the capabilities of the echogear tv mounts and whether it meets your needs and preferences. Features can also impact the overall performance and functionality of the echogear tv mounts, and can affect the price. By considering the features, you can ensure that they are getting the most value for yur money and that the echogear tv mounts will meet your expectations.

How Much the Echogear Tv Mounts Cost?

The price of echogear tv mounts is an important consideration because it is a measure of the cost of obtaining that product. It is important to consider the price in relation to the value that the echogear tv mounts provides. Additionally, budget constraints and financial goals may also play a role in determining whether or not the echogear tv mounts is affordable or worth the cost.

Warranty Consideration

A warranty is a guarantee that the echogear tv mounts will perform as advertised or that the manufacturer will repair or replace it if it does not. It gives the consumer protection against defects or issues that may arise with the echogear tv mounts after purchase. Consideration of the warranty can give peace of mind and protection against unexpected costs if a problem does occur with the echogear tv mounts. Additionally, it can also indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in the product and its quality.

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Is it worth it to buy echogear tv mounts?

Whether or not purchasing echogear tv mounts is worth the cost depends on your requirements and usages. If you are purchasing echogear tv mounts for frequent use, it is likely a good investment. If it will not be frequently used, it may not be worth the expense.

What Key points to keep in mind when Choosing echogear tv mounts?

To choose the ideal echogear tv mounts, you may need to consider various factors like quality, performance, features, customer ratings, cost, warranty, etc.

How can I get my hands on the best echogear tv mounts without breaking the bank?

Echogear Tv Mounts can be purchased from both local and online retailers. To save time and money, consider buying echogear tv mounts online from stores such as Amazon, which often offer discounts.

Final Words

Since there are so many options available on the market, it’s very difficult to find the best echogear tv mounts for the money. We’ve already listed some of the most popular echogear tv mounts here to help you find the right one for your requirement. We hope the above listing was helpful to find the right echogear tv mounts from the wide variety of options.

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