Top 10 Best Backpack Coolers [Updated – 2019]

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best backpack coolers

No matter how occupied you remain, you always find time for yourself. Don’t exhaust yourself on your day off. Carry the best backpack cooler and explore around nicely.

Go hiking and skydiving, Travel the world or spend a night at the beach. But whatever your next plan is, make sure you go prepared. Store all your refreshments in the right bag that suits you from the list and bring all of it along.

The modern insulated backpack cooler has mainly a spacious thermal bag compartment for keeping foods and drinks cold for a longer time and various pockets for general storage purposes. So, you can pack all your foods and drinks along with other necessary items into these bags and travel around nicely.

Most of these backpacks are manufactured in such a way that maximum weight can be carried with the minimum possible effort by distributing its load evenly rather than entirely burdening the shoulders.

Since the market is full of different types of backpack coolers, it’s really difficult to find out the right one for your needs. To help you get the right cooler backpack, here we come up with the top 10 best backpack coolers that you can consider to buy for your upcoming outdoor trip.

Top 10 Best Backpack Coolers of 2019

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01. TOURIT Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler Backpack

best backpack cooler

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If you are an avid camper or traveler and love to go on different types of outdoor trips, this backpack cooler can be the best partner for you. This durable and lightweight backpack with cooler compartment is perfect for picnic, hiking, road trips, fishing, camping, hunting, cycling, and other outdoor trips.

This high-performance soft cooler backpack is made of 3-layer insulation materials. All the materials are of FDA approved quality. The company uses high-density materials and the leak-proof liner inside the bag which keep the foods cold for up to 3 days. Overall, it is 100% waterproof backpack cooler. So, you can use this cooler on fishing or beach camping.

It has a large storage compartment to keep foods and drinks cold. There are several other pockets to keep other items organized. Inside the main compartment, you can keep 31 cans of drinks. This is large enough to store your necessary items. Therefore, there is a beer opener included on the strap which is really a great feature.

Since this is a large size cooler backpack, it will become heavy when fully packed. But, the backpack comes with a removable shoulder strap with a durable pad which ensures more convenient carry. The design of this cooler is also great. There are 5 different colors to choose from.

The best part about this cooler backpack is the warranty. TOURIT is offering a lifetime warranty against any defects on this cooler backpack. Just email the problem and the company will give you a replacement or full refund. So, this is really the safest investment in backpack cooler.

If you are looking for the ultimate quality, performance, and portability on a cooler backpack, this one is definitely the right fit for your requirement.

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02. YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Sided Backpack Cooler

yeti backpack cooler

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YETI is a very popular premium brand of outdoor gears. The Hopper BackFlip 24 is the only backpack style portable cooler in YETI’s store. If you love to have extremely durable and high-quality cooler backpack, this one is a perfect option for you.

This cooler backpack is extremely tough and builds to take on anywhere. The DryHide Shell is 100% waterproof and mildew-resistant. The cooler is totally leak-proof and the large front pocket allows you to easily access your items. YETI uses ColdCell Insulation into this backpack style cooler.

Since YETI uses the best quality materials on each of their products, you can expect to have the maximum insulation from this cooler backpack. The interior is spacious enough and it can hold up to 12 cans and a lot of ice.

The backpack is designed to distribute the total weight equally so that you can easily carry it when loaded fully. So, this is very convenient to carry. There are several sizes available to choose from and YETI is offering 3-years warranty on this backpack cooler.

This is not a traditional backpack cooler. This is mainly a cooler with a backpack style carrying shoulder straps. You cannot store anything other than foods and drinks into this cooler. So, if you are looking for traditional backpack cooler, this one is not for you.

The YETI Hopper BackFlip 24 is also a premium backpack style cooler. It comes at a premium price tag. If you want to have a super durable and premium quality portable backpack style cooler, this is the best option for you.

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03. Polar Bear Coolers – Nylon Line

polar bear backpack cooler

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This backpack cooler bag is considered to be one of the most durable one in the market. Its manufacturer rightly claims it to never tear or rip apart which is not so hard to believe as there’s no place you can find a single one torn or ripped.

This bag also has unbreakable zippers making it an ideal package for rough tours. All the hardware that is part of the polar bear cooler is unbreakable. So you don’t have to worry about changing it once you buy it for a long time or maybe never.

It has high solidity insulation which can make ice last frozen for approximately 24 hours if only packed in the correct manner. This is one of the best backpack cooler being double coated with nylon it becomes the bag having one of the strongest intrinsic interiors available.

It has adjustable shoulder pads which makes it easier to carry for long periods of times without stressing invariantly on particular points of the shoulder.

The most attractive offer with the bag is the customization option. Get whatever you want is written on it from your initials to quotes or anything of your choice or even get them embroidered.

Since it is highly durable the company offers a lifetime warranty claiming it to be leak and sweat proof. It can also be compressed pretty easily if vacant so even if it’s not in use it won’t take much of your place or effort even if kept alongside.

You don’t buy backpacks everyday neither would you want to buy them periodically so if you’re looking for reliability and durability grab one of these.

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04. IceMule Pro Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag

icemule backpack cooler

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The IceMule Pro Insulated backpack is the most portable cooler backpack in our list. This leakproof, versatile soft cooler backpack comes with the combination of durability, portability, and performance of hard cooler. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

This cooler backpack provides good ice retention so that you can keep your foods and drinks cold for a longer time. There are 5 features on this backpack cooler which ensures great insulation – TriFold DriTop System, MuleSkinEV Tough Inner, PolarLayer Insulation, IM AirValve, and ComfortCarryIMPT System. You can expect to have more than 24 hours of ice retention from these backpack cooler.

The closure system of this backpack cooler is designed without zippers and welded seams. It ensures easy access to the cooler for keeping and getting things quickly.

The best thing on this cooler backpack is the portability. It is fully collapsible when not in use. So, you can keep this on anywhere without losing your space. On the other hand, there are double padded straps included which ensures effortless and hands-free carrying.

It can be used on any type of outing. People who are looking for a portable and long-lasting backpack cooler, this can be a great option for them.

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05. Engel USA Cooler Backpack

engel backpack cooler

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This large cooler bag is heavily insulated and can be used best for picnics or trips. It can hold up to 25 quart. Organized compartments make it very easy to store snacks, drinks, and meals separately and in required temperatures.

The interior space is large enough to store plenty of foods and snacks. This backpack can hold up to 24 cans of drinks and a lot of other food items.

This bag is entirely water resistant too, with zippers that are water repellant material. The bag is the best backpack cooler due to its highly effective cooling mechanism. The top opening allows you to get full access to the inner compartment.

It comes with a removable Engel cooler pack, which can be used to store items into further compartments without adding ice since the pack is extremely insulated. Also, the compartments come with fasteners and are attachable by the hook! So you don’t need to carry the whole huge bag if only a few items are intended to be carried.

This is a puncture-resistant cooler backpack and features anti-microbial protection which keeps the bag clean from leakages and spills of drinks and food. So many cool features in just one bag.

Overall, this is a great cooler backpack. All Engel cooler backpacks are made in the United States. Having all of the great features and quality, the company is offering a very reasonable price for this backpack cooler. If you love to have a heavy duty, large cooler backpack, you should consider this one in your list.

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06. Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler

coleman backpack cooler

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This compact ordinary looking backpack is actually a backpack cooler bag. It’s properly insulated which means you can keep your stuff warm or cold however you like. Although it looks compact from the outside, it actually has a decent storage capacity of up to 30 cans! What more?

It also has amazing extra padding around the waist along with the usual two back paddings for comfortable carrying. There are also smaller pockets around and in front of the bag to carry extra little things along. It’s made with antibacterial properties which safeguard the bag from bacteria’s that might leak from food or drinks!

Apart from looks of it, it can actually accommodate a good amount of stuff if you include the front secondary zipper too. The extra waist padding allows for a comfortable carry for longer than expected distances even if the bag is at full capacity.

For those who are looking for larger storage, this bag is a no. Although it’s large enough in comparison to how it looks from outside, still it might be small for those who are traveling for longer distances and sharing bags. Also since the insulation is thin, there might be risks of tearing if sharp things are inserted causing much trouble if any leakages go to the insulated department.

Overall, this is a great backpack cooler for people who are very tight in budget.  This is the cheapest cooler backpack on our list. Though it doesn’t provide extreme performance, it is good enough for any type of small trip.

07. TOURIT Insulated Cooler Backpack

tourit backpack cooler

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The Tourit insulated backpack cooler has a very large cooling compartment. This backpack can accommodate up to 28 beer cans at a time. The high-density liner guarantees no leakage maintaining the temperature of the food for long durations.

The inside of the cooler is especially backed by extra soft pads to enhance comfort making it easily bearable to hang on for long time intervals. Right in the middle of the front, it has one large zipper which divides into two mesh pockets which are to place utensils. The capacity it offers makes it a great take for picnics and beaches.

It is a very lightweight backpack so you’re only carrying the weight you’ve put in the bag as the bags own weight is very negligible. It is made of good quality nylon which makes it washing and drying it a lot easier when compared to bags made of other materials. Available in attractive colors you can go with simple black, grey or decent purplish blue whatever suits your taste best.

The best thing about this backpack is it being water resistant. So if you’re going to the beach or are making your way through adventurous routes you need it. It is very durable and agile while being lightweight at the same time.

If ice is directly put in the deep container there’s a possibility of the insulated bag to rip or cut the waterproof material thus this material has to be handled with care. Instead, frozen packs can be used to guard the waterproof material against sharp ice edges. Since its lightweight, meaning made up of light material, can be risky for carrying heavy weights at times.

08. Dakine Backpack Cooler

dakine cooler backpack

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This is the most stylish backpack cooler in our list. It comes in 21 colors! So there’s a color for everyone. It’s extremely stylish, lightweight and has many compartments. This backpack also comes in two sizes, so if you’re looking for any customizable option this one right here is just for you. This is the best backpack cooler for those who are into style!

It is a multipurpose backpack so you can use the same bag for different occasions. Has a compartment for laptop and three other major compartments, so there’s room for clothes, stationery, wallet, electronics and more! What more?

It is extremely durable and one can consider it a onetime investment and also means that it can carry heavy weights. The bag cover happens to be water resistant to average rainfall, which is a very important point especially for those who carry electronic devices around.

The cooler compartment is relatively smaller in size, and can only accommodate around 3-5 cans. Also, it is not heavily insulated and things might change temperature if you intend to a longer trip.

The organization of the compartments is sometimes quite confusing depending on what you are using the bag for. Also, some compartments are divided with a thin sheet which makes the compartments quite fragile.

Overall, this cooler backpack comes with a lot of colors. The design is also very stylish. The company is offering this eye-catching cooler backpack at a very reasonable price. This is the best option for those who love stylish cooler bag.

09. AO Soft Backpack Cooler

ao soft cooler backpack

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AO backpack cooler comes in a variety of six colors. So, there’s a style for everyone. It is suitable for both long trips and short trips and comes with back pads as well as shoulder straps for the ease of the user, whichever way they like to carry it. It looks quite sluggish but has good durability to overcome its look. One of the best backpack cooler can be AO coolers backpack for its good to go features and all-rounder impact.

The external material is made with canvas whereas the interior has two types of insulation in different compartments for different purposes. The height of the bag is 14”, the length is 7”, and the width is 16”.

This moderate size backpack has many features as well. It can be used for fishing purpose hiking purpose sports events and picnics as well it has a good thick layer of insulation which can keep warm things warm and cold things cold. There are smaller compartments too to keep essentials like wallet, medication, and small electronic devices. This backpack guarantees no leaking.

The backpack has a relatively huge capacity to hold up to 18 cans. It can keep ice cold for 24 hours when the weather is 120 degree outside. The bag is made of canvas material, so durability is quite reasonable too. It has many pockets such as two large back pocket and 2 small pockets on the sides of the backpack.

Since the backpack is made in China, the high price is quite unjustifiable as the materials used aren’t that expensive. This backpack can’t fold flat because of its thickness of the wall compare than other bags available in the Market. The design is quite boring too, if you are looking for a stylish bag, this might not be the best option for you.

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10. ONIVA Insulated Backpack Cooler

oniva backpack cooler

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It is the best backpack cooler for people who love to travel around with lots of beer and cold sandwiches or even when traveling with kids as it has two insulated compartments.  Either arrange your snacks categorically or split sides of the attached chiller with companions out of space or no space at all because you sure have plenty. It won’t bother you hanging it on for hours as it has extremely comfortable straps which are designed to not slip off.

It has a hidden zipper to accommodate your valuables. You won’t have to worry about anybody sharing it for even a moment as all your belongings are safe and nobody except you knows where.

It is very smart looking and spacious and will be a classy addition to your traveling wish list. And since it’s only 19 inches long and 5inches wide it is much more compact than the others available in the market. It is made of good quality polyester which is why it can hold up to a substantial amount of weight.

Multiple interior and exterior pockets can be used very smartly to avoid the frustration of looking for a single thing through everything together making it feasible to use as it can be packed in an organized manner.

It has a detachable water decanter that features a shoulder strap which is easily adjustable. It also has a good size utility clip so even if you don’t have little utilities you don’t have to get them after buying this Oniva product. This knapsack has multiple mesh pockets attached. Drawstrings are also present to stabilize the balance while on the move.

You have to be very particular while washing it as the only damp cloth is recommended. Any other method can result in damaging it in one way or the other. The size is comparatively smaller than those available in the market, making it suitable only for those who intend to travel personally and for shorter distances.

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How to choose the Best Backpack Cooler?

best cooler backpack

There is a wide range of coolers available in the market. And choosing the perfect one is not a very simple task. Different company offers different types of cooler backpacks. Some come with a high price tag when some offer a very reasonable price.

Followings are some of the guidelines that will help you find the best backpack cooler for the money:

Ice Retention

This will be the very first thing that you need to consider when shopping for the best cooler backpack. The ice retention capacity means how long the backpack can hold ice. The longer the ice retention time, the longer you can expect to keep your foods and drinks cold.

Most of the cooler backpack has the ability to keep ice frozen for several hours. Some premium cooler backpack can hold ice for days. According to your travel duration, you should pick the right cooler bag that can keep your foods and drinks cold during your travel of camping trip.


When choosing your insulated backpack cooler you first have to identify why you need it. You definitely don’t want to get the wrong one if you’re looking to have the right experience of its convenience.

There are different bags available that satisfy the need of the person using them in accordance with their interest. Like for people who cannot skip a visit to the beach on weekends shall look for the ones with the waterproof feature just to avoiding buying new backpacks every weekend.

best cooler bag

Hikers might want a kitbag that easily accommodates their utensils, knapsacks these days even come along with basic utensils attracting hikers and individuals who prefer carrying them wherever they go.

Backpacks are so versatile these days that even there’s a variety get-at-able for party lovers. Different people have different interests and a single styled backpack can definitely not satisfy all of them. So do not assume that any backpack you buy is going to serve you in the same manner. Make sure your backpack is appropriate to your need.


Men, women, and children all have different tastes. They all carry different sorts of equipment while on the move having different preferences and checklists.

Most of the women carry almost everything in their everyday handbags so when picking their cooler bag they would be least concerned about how compact it is to how spacious they can get.

Men generally on the other hand like to travel more carefree. Size and less complexity is usually their kind.

cooler backpack

Men and women even have different color preferences and all models are manufactured and designed in limited colors. No matter how much a bag suits a guy he has very less like to opt for a pink one.

If you’re looking for travel backpacks for children you definitely want to find the ones which are easier to clean and dry with fewer compartments.

One would also prefer them to be water resistant and extremely compact. It is all matter of taste of what you like and how you move around with them in your own comfort and style. You sure have to go through all the diversified options to find one that you can claim to be the best backpack cooler for you.


Above all the main purpose of having them in the first place has to be kept in mind. It doesn’t really matter how elegant your backpack looks or how expensive it is if it is not of your convenience in any way it certainly becomes an unwanted liability.

Who would want to move around with an extra bag? Remember this is not an “EXTRA BAG”. This bag is an extra facility. Get facilitated with it rather than working it up the wrong way. Have convenience as your topmost priority. Ensure the bag you are finalizing meets your level of comfort.


When shopping for the best backpack cooler you have to make sure which size off cooler backpack you are going to choose. Do you need a small backpack cooler to carry items for personal use? Or, do you need a lot of items to carry in your backpack?

If you are searching for a backpack cooler for personal use, small or medium size backpacks are the perfect option for you.

If you need to carry a lot of foods, drinks and other items in your backpack, you should go for a large backpack cooler.

Small size cooler backpacks are more convenient and easy to carry when large backpacks are a little bit heavier and difficult to carry. So, try to pick the right size that fulfills your needs.


The most common reason for using a backpack cooler over hard cooler is easy carrying. These can be easily carried by individuals. The cooler backpack comes with comfortable strap shoulders which allows you to carry this bag very easily.

Carrying a heavy weight backpack is very difficult for a person. Since you will put a lot of items into a backpack cooler, it will become heavier. Modern backpack coolers are made in such a way that distributes the load of the bag so that you can carry maximum weight at minimum effort.

When choosing a cooler backpack, make sure that it is comfortable and easy to carry a lot of items in it.

Comfortable Strap Shoulders

backpack cooler

Since you will carry a lot of items all day in your backpack cooler, it should be easy and comfortable to carry. Adjustable padded strap shoulders are very useful and it ensures the comfort of carrying the backpack cooler.

So, try to make sure that, the backpack you are choosing has comfortable padded shoulders.


Backpack coolers are made of different types of materials. You are going to purchase this backpack for regular use. So, do not miss out checking its finishing and inquiring about the material it is manufactured of. After a valuable investment of time and money you would want it to last for a long time if not forever.

Extra Pockets

cooler bagThis is another necessary thing that you need to consider when choosing the best cooler backpack.

You will use this backpack cooler bag for your regular travel or camping trip. So, there’s a lot of things you will need to pack in this bag.

Extra pockets will help you keep your necessary items organized and safe. So, try to make sure that the backpack has several pockets for keeping your necessary things.


In our opinion, too many options make it even tougher for someone to decide which backpack cooler bag to choose. It all depends what is the main purpose you need it for, asking the right questions can help one decide even faster and can eliminate the post-purchase disappointment many faces when their expectations do not match the reality. Buying one with a guarantee can be a good idea too, in case you are worried about your investment or not much satisfied with your purchases usually.

Worth is not only determined by the financial cost of the bag but also the features and need of it. If it fulfills the requirements of the buyer or not is really important. That is why it essential to get information before buying the bag.

This article not only provides precise information about the bags but also highlights the latest trending ones. An informed buyer has a realistic expectation and is usually satisfied with their purchases. There’s everything out there for anyone, all one needs to do is a little bit of research and taking care of the bag after buying it so that it lasts longer. Hope you will get the best backpack cooler for your everyday outing.

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